A Little Bit About Jacob.

If Cottonwood Coffee was born out of a love for coffee, then Cottonwood Bistro was born out of a love for authentic food. I originally opened Cottonwood Coffee because I thought there was an obvious need for a high quality community-oriented coffeehouse in Brookings. As that project evolved, I realized there was a similar need for more dining options featuring 'real food.'

Growing up in South Dakota gave me a first hand look at food. I was raised around agriculture. As a part-time farmer myself, I have spent many, many hours growing food on my own organic farm. Growing food has given me insight in to the nuances of quality ingredients and innovative flavor pairing.

To me, the Bistro is a natural extension of a logical circle. As the public interest in the farm-to-table process gains momentum, Cottonwood Bistro is attempting to be at the forefront of that concept. I try to source local products when possible, without creating a menu that is cost-prohibitive to our community. What I have found is that local food can be fun, affordable and of incredibly high quality. I think those traits can be crafted into a menu that is sure to excite you.

Some of the local producers we use are:

Glacial Till Farm (Jacob's farm)

Cliff's Homegrown Beef - Gary, SD

Harmony Hills Bison - near Volga

Prairie Coteau Farm - Astoria, SD

Breadsmith - Sioux Falls

Star Grazing (eggs and chickens) - Brookings

Six Mile Creek Ranch (eggs) - White

Maveric Ranch - heritage breed pork - Trent, SD

If you are a producer that would like to work with Cottonwood, please contact us via email. We are looking for: year-round salad greens, root vegetables, pork and milk...just to name a few.


Quick News

Need an event catered? Cottonwood Bistro is now proud to cater your party or meeting...from a small gathering to a large wedding, we can make potential after-thought (the food) become a high point!

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Coffee Fact

- In 1683, one pound of coffee in New York was worth as much as four acres of land.